Get a boat. It’ll be fun, they said. What started out as an early departure from Charleston this morning, turned into us making an immediate u-turn back to the boatyard. Today boating is not fun. Today I’m mad. Today I’m ready to turn this thing around and go back home. Wait, I am home, damn! Between trying to get off the dock at our friends house with a whipping current, and trying to dock in the boatyard with a whipping current, my nerves are spent! I’m pretty sure Captain has the easier job. I mean all he has to do is steer (albeit blindly sometimes) and listen to my commands…STOP. GO. PORT. THRUSTER. You get the idea. Me? I’m hurling lines, hurling my body and using every ounce of energy to stop a 25 ton boat. But I’m not good at docking Nautilus *yet*, so the scales will stay tipped…lol! 

Anyway, once we throttled up to 9 knots, we were vibrating. Shaking as if a 7.0 earthquake had struck us! So here we sit, back at the yard, waiting for them to open tomorrow. A nine day delay, $1800 for prop repitching, and we. are. still. here 🤯

Rob is going diving to see if anything has wrapped around the props. Highly unlikely – we only went a mile down the ICW – but he’s gonna check anyway. The water is gross and murky. We’re gonna tie a rope around him so the current doesn’t take him away.

Me: “Hold on to the rope. Don’t float away”

Rob: “I should be fine. If I float away, grab the dinghy and come find me”

Me: “I need a cocktail”

Update: Rob survived…phew, and the props look fine. Nothing is wrapped around them. So, as the saying goes we’re making lemonade out of these lemons and will just enjoy another day in Charleston. 

Happy go-lucky
Not so happy go-lucky

Tomorrow, I hope to hear the problem was no biggie and we’ll be on our way to Georgetown. Keep you all posted!

Now for that drink and a chocolate bunny. 

Over and out!

xo, The Admiral

P.S. The Captain has blogged in the Captain’s Corner…wooohooo!

8 thoughts on “WE ARE NEVER LEAVING

  1. You’re hilarious!! My wife couldn’t stop laughing. Do not fear, it gets better. We had 75% of our issues occur during the first 2-3 weeks. Props, transmission, ac, head, water pump (2) starter switch . Smooth sailing after that😁!!
    Keep the faith. Hope to see you along the way and buy you that cocktail!!


  2. It was great having Rob & Jill stay with us in Charleston. They are a lot of fun. Sorry about the prop problems ,they will be corrected soon I’m sure. It was nice to see them yesterday early in the morning going by our house on ICW headed to Georgetown


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